Marco has met Jade Castrinos (Edward Sharpe and the magnetic Zeros)

Maco tells us about his encounter with Jade Castrinos, the lovely singer from Edward Sharpe and the magnetic Zeros)

"After I met Alexander Ebert, I stayed there 5 more minutes and finally saw Jade coming my way. Well going to the Bus :) .

I then asked her if I could have a picture with her saying "I came for you". She laughed and said it was really nice. She was genuinely flattered and happy that someone came for her. With that wonderful smile of her, she said "sure, I am more than happy to give you a picture".

Jade Castrinos and me, funny picture
We looked at the picture and we laughed of our funny happy faces. Jade asked me some questions, if I liked the show, where I lived and what did I do in life. I made a joke about stalking people near their bus on my free time and she laughed a lot. She said she liked my sense of humour. She then apologized because she had to go on the Bus.

I keep a wonderful memory of that day, Jade is an angel, the nicest person I have met and I love her even more now.

I hope I can see them again soon"

Thanks a lot for that story.

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