Kevin has met Darren Criss (Glee)

Today on the blog Kevin tells us about his second meeting with Darren Criss, the Glee actor.


We were then at my aunts one year after our first meeting with Darren Criss and I read that Darren Criss would be at Trevor Live but it is sold out.

I have a spiritual feeling that if we pay and make phone calls we can see him. I call someone at the charity who knows our story and likes us.She makes room at a VIP table and I sit next to JC Chazes. Darren performs a Tom Jones number choreographed by Adam Shankman.

We then go to the after party. It is so crowded and it is in a hotel room suite. It is in a living room. We can't move. We decide to leave. On our way out Don says "Look" My back is to Darren. We talk about how we had the shirts at Glee in London. He is terrific. We then make a picture.

                                                                  Darren Criss and us

He is a gentleman. He is everything we would want in a son. We feel the same positive aura we felt the first time. We are lifted in our spirits because no one except Don knew we were going to see him."

Thanks a lot for that great story.

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