Bertille has met Rihanna

Today, Bertille tells us about the day she met Rihanna.


So, I had just moved to London and met this other girl from the same uni.. She randomly entered a competition in the Evening Standards whiteout really believing she could win the tickets. I think a week or two passed by and she received an email saying she had won two meet and greet tickets in Westfield – White City, where Rihanna would come and help with the count down for the Christmas lights to light up. As this would happen the the 4th November, and my birthday is the 6th November my new friend gave the one ticket to me as a present :)

So we came on the day and picked up the ticket, they had said there only would be 10 who could meet her and be in the VIP spot, but we were sooo many, and everyone were now told that we only had time for a quick picture and that was it. So after the Christmas light went on, and she were interviewed we could all come back stage and get the picture we at least were promised. 

So it was quick, but I must say she was sooooo pretty and sweet! She tried to give people as much time as she could but the event planners were rushing on her..

Still very happy we got to meet her :)"

Thank you Bertille

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