Mytrinh has met Kevin McHale (Glee)

Today, Mytrinh tells us about the day she met Kevin McHale, the glee actor.

"May 13, 2008 House of Blues in Chicago, IL

It was around 2pm, I was just going into the House of Blues to have lunch. They have a deal that if you eat in the restaurant, you get to be let into the venue before general admission. As we walked in, I was looking on the menu just outside the restaurant and in the corner was Kevin, trying to make a phone call. I guess he didn't have reception so he walked passed me to go outside. I was freaking out, he's my absolute favorite person in the whole wide world. I didn't want to bother him but I also knew I wouldn't get this chance like ever. I slowly went outside and waited for him to get off the phone and asked if I could get a picture. He was really nice about it and didn't mind. 

Kevin McHale and me

Afterwards, he stuck around to chit chat a little. So I told him about how I was so nervous to approach him and how I was coming to the next 3 shows of his. I'm from Chicago, so that was my first show, to be followed by Cleveland and Detroit. He said it was pretty cool and he looks forward to seeing me for the next few days lol. After awhile, he said he had to head back to the stage because he was getting hungry and that he needs to eat a lot before performing. He was super nice. The next few days, every time he saw me, he said hi with a smile and asked me how my travel was. I'm not sure if he still remembers me today, but I left a pretty good impression back in the day when he wasn't as known. I've been a fan since I found out about his boyband, NLT. I wanna say that was around 2006-2007"

Thanks a lot for that great story.

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