Marine has met Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene (Twilight)

Today Marine tells us about her meeting third meeting with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene


In October, we went to Brussel to see the "Breaking dawn" premiere. It's raining and the hours goes really slowly, we have been waiting around 14 hours!

18h30 Rob and Ashley Finally arrive! Rob is the first to come near us! I give him the picture I took the SUnday before where we were together. He looks closely at it and then looks at me with a huge smile, signs it and says "ooooh yes it was yesterday". It was so funny. Well tried, rob but it was 3 days before  Well I am not mad, with all the travel he must have been tired and confused. We do a picture again, as you can guess we were happy.

Robert Pattinson and me ... Again

Then it's Ashley's turn, still
stunningly beautiful with sparkling eyes. I ask her for a picture and this time, she does have time. When I say thanks, she answers « You’re Welcome! » . She's so polite.

Ashley Greene and me

Ashley is really adorable. After that we have watched the fan-event on a Big Screen. Once it's over, we saw them getting out and leaving. It was a great day"

Thanks Marine. If you want to see Marine's website on Robert Pattinson, you can go here

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