Kurtis has met Alyssa Milano

Today Kurtis tells us about his meeting with Alyssa Milano, the actress of Charmed, who's the boss and well so many other things ;)


I met Ms. Milano in February 2008 in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was visiting the city from Toronto, Canads for the NBA All-Star weekend as my good friend Brian was working for the NBA at the time had scored us seats to the entire All-Star weekend.

Saturday night I sat in the third row to watch Dwight Howard first introduce the world to "Superman" as he won the slam dunk competition. A few hours later I was running a hot streak at Harrah's casino where Ms. Milano and her male companion watched me win several hundred dollars at blackjack.

Once I had finished with blackjack I spotted Ms. Milano and asked her for a quick photo.

Alyssa Milano and me

I gushed to her about her beauty and how I grew up watching her on "Who's The Boss".
She was very friendly and polite as I've found most of the celebrities I've met to be"

Thanks a lot Kurtis

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