Catty has met Justin Bieber

Today, Catty tells us how she met Justin Bieber


My name is Catherine Mccleary and I met Justin Bieber on the 11th of March 2011 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, UK. 

Me and my friend Lucy had wanted to meet Justin Bieber for years and when we found out he was coming to Liverpool we quickly bought tickets for his show and my friend was a member of his website, one day she seen there was a competition going on the website to win meet and greet tickets for one of his shows so we entered it but we had to make a video and send it off and wait till the night before the show to find out if we had won. 

So we waited patiently for an email all day and then finally we go one saying we won and we could not believe it at all. The next day we collected our meet and greet wristbands and we waited all day and as we were waiting we bumped into some of Justin's crew- Ryan Good, Dan Kanter, Alison Kaye and Marvin Millora! 

So we got pictures with them and then it was time to meet Justin Bieber so we walked in the building and the man told us not to scream and me and my friend was so exited but scared at the same time, then the man took us to this waiting room and he told us to go through,as we turned the corner we just seen Justin standing there smiling and he looked amazing and we had a small general chat and I asked for a hug so he gave me a hug and I was just freaking out in my head but keeping it calm on the outside and then we got a picture and it was time to go so he told us to enjoy the show as this was all before the show. 

Justin Bieber and us

But it was the most amazing moment ever and he was so lovely to meet."

Thanks a lot for that story.

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