Alex has met Robert Pattinson (Twilight)

Today ALex tells us how she met Robert Pattinson, the Twilight actor.


I went to London for the Water for Elephants premiere and it was very well organised. After 11hours of waiting (for me at least), the guests arrived, first Rob, then Reese and at last Christoph. 

Rob was very attentive to the fans and he went to all of us even after being interviewed. I was so terribly nervous I had trouble taking myself the picture with him , so I asked him to do it and of course he did, joking about it.

Robert Pattinson and me

He's really a kind soul, adorable, funny and so handsome in real life! Reese was sweet and Christoph was really charming. It was the best premiere I went!

The second time I met Rob and Ashley was in Brussel. It was more chaotic and it went very fast because the actors were expected elsewhere. Both Rob and Ashley were beautiful and adorable, going to all the fans there."

Thanks a lot for that story. 

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