Mallory has met Kristen Stewart (Twilight)

Today, Mallory tells us how she met Kristen Stewart


I met Kristen at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival, last September).

While waitning for Kristen, I was pretty zealous and antsy. Her publicist first warned the journalist not to talk about her recent scandal. Two minutes later, Kristen arrives and my heart starts palpitating really fast. Last time I saw her was before the Breaking Dawn part 1 screening in Los Angeles.

She poses first for the TIFF studio and then comes straight to our Barricade. She takes pictures with everybody and then it's my turn. She steps up in front of me and smile. I am in a complete daze. I start talking to her "Kristen, your dress is sick". She thanks me and I ask her for a picture. She agrees and I realise I don't have any functioning camera on hand. Kristentakes a picture with my friend and then comes back to me for a picture.

Kristen Stewart and me

Nobody has said anything about her recent scandal but you can see in her demeanour that she's a bit on the edge"

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  1. this is a great story! How did her PR person ask the journalist not to talk about scandal?