Matt has met Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation)

Today, Matt tells us how he met Aziz Ansari, the Parks and recreation actor.


I met him at Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington in 2009. I was walking down to check out the first band of the weekend and saw Aziz along the path. I immediately recognized him and approached him as I had consumed a few alcohol based beverages prior and was not nervous whatsoever.

I expressed my love for his work, and asked for a picture which he couldn't have been happier to provide.

Aziz Ansari and me

Overall he was a genuinely nice dude who did not have a problem stopping to talk for a few minutes. Over the weekend I actually ran into him a few more times backstage, and we noticed we enjoyed a lot of the same bands. This was before he was in Kanye/Jay-Z videos so who knows if he is still as humble as he was then. I'd like to think he is"

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