Tara has met Peter Facinelli (Twilight)

Today, Tara tells us how she met Peter Facinelli, the Twilight actor.


This was in October of 2009, right before the release of New Moon.

He was doing a signing at the Arizona State Fair (I often wonder how that came about - maybe because we have two well-known Twilight fansites based here - TwiFans and CullenBoysAnonymous). As you can imagine, there was a large line of people to meet him. We had arrived there late and managed to get into the last group of about twenty people before they cut the line off. Peter came out on stage, greeted the fans, answered a few questions, and was all smiles as he went to sign.

It was slow moving because he was spending quite a bit of time with each individual fan as they went up there (there was a radio station out there that played music for the crowd and gave updates). Even with the unseasonable heat, everyone was more than happy to wait their turn. People were sharing Twilight fan stories, and holding each other's spaces in line for food and drink runs and bathroom breaks. Unfortunately about 90 minutes in they announced that

Peter would only be signing one item per person, and that the interaction would be limited. He didn't seem too happy about it, but it was explained that he had to catch a flight. The promoters were doing their best to make sure that everyone in line would have a chance to meet him, and there were quite a bit of us left. Earlier that week I had been in contact with arguably one of his biggest fans, Ninapolitan, and she was one of the organizers of Fandom Gives Back - a Twilight fundraising site for Alex's Lemonade Stand. I had told her I would ask him to autograph a New Moon photo compendium for charity, in addition to my personal one. I felt bad, pushing the 'one item' limit, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

When it was finally my turn, I handed him one of the books, and mentioned that I had spoken to Nina. He smiled, "Oh yeah, Nina! I just saw her not too long ago. How is she?" I told him about the fundraiser, and he happily signed both books, and also gave me a Carlisle Cullen autographed 8x10 for the auction. I could tell his handlers were a little distressed that he was taking the extra time, but he was tremendously gracious and more than happy to help out by signing the extra book. He even still took the time to take a photo with me.

Not only was he just genuinely nice, but his autographed items helped us raise another $125 that year. (And ridiculously handsome up close, I mean, really and truly!)

When all was said and done, he thanked everyone for coming out and was whisked away by a golf cart. It still seems like an odd place to do a signing, but we were all pretty thrilled."

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