Maddi has met Glee cast

Today Maddi tells us how she met Glee cast


A lot of people might think it's quite lame, but I met Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams/Glee) at a convention, a Glee convention. The convention company called Starfury held it at the Hilton Hotel near Birmingham airport.

It is a three day event, and you get to meet a few people from the show. The first year I went was the first Glee Con, the guests were Kevin, Max Adler (Dave Karofsky) and Iqbal Thebar (Principal Figgins).

Matt Adler and me

It was my 20th Birthday, so it was very exciting. All the guests were lovely, and open to most of our questions, Iqbal was hilarious and started singing Otis Reading to us.

We had pictures, autographs and Q&A sessions. On my birthday I was changing into my fancy dress costume, but one of my friends managed to catch Kevin and recorded a Happy Birthday video for me (even though it was in his contract that he's not supposed to do personal things like that) so yeah he's genuinely nice.

\kevin Mchale and me

Max Adler, is one of the most genuinely nice people I have met.

Max Adler and us

I went again this year to Glee Con 2, the guests were Max Adler, Curt Mega (Nick the Warbler), Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes), and Stephen Tobolowsky (Sandy Ryerson). Max remembered people from last year, including me when I asked him about the cake I gave him the previous year. Curt made the effort to remember people, and even has twitter conversations with us!

Ashley Fink and me

Stephen Tobolowsky was really inspiring with his story telling in the Q&A's, about how when he was younger he got held at gun point but managed to stay calm, about how he broke his neck and nearly died on a Horse Riding trip to Icelan, and then auditioned for Glee just as his neckbrace was coming off, then just before series 2 he had to have open heart surgery! He is an incredible man, and also genuinely nice because there was a talent competition which I entered, I didn't get anywhere, but he sat me down, and gave me some really nice advice, and told me that I am good, just other people needed to be told they were good. I feel so lucky to have met them!"

Thanks a lot for that story.

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