Catty has met the Backstreet Boys

Today Catty tells us how she met the Backstreet Boys


I met The Backstreet Boys on the 22nd of April at Hope Street hotel, Liverpool, UK. 

So, me and my friend found out that Canadian rapper star Drake was staying at Hope Street hotel so we woke up really early to meet him at his hotel and we stood around for hours waiting for him to come down, and all of a sudden quite a few paparazzi's got out of there cars and started taking pictures but we couldn't see who it was, and as we got closer we wondered why because it wasn't Drake, who we were actually waiting for, then we heard someone say "The Backstreet Boys are there" and we looked again and we recognised them 

Nick Carter and me

So we went over to them and asked for some photo's and they said 'Yes, sure' so we got some photo's with them. 

Howie Dorough and me

Brian Littrell and me

They were lovely to meet because they were trying to go somewhere and were in a bit of a rush but still stopped for some photo's with fans. and also I bumped into New Kids From The Block at the same hotel minutes later because they were on comeback tour with The Backstreet Boys, but we didn't get photo's with them."
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