Tony has met Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games)

Today, Tony tells us how he met Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games actress.


I saw Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of Silver Linings Playbook (9/8/2012) during the Toronto Film Festival. It won the People’s Choice Award, which instantly makes it a must see movie that will probably be up for Oscars next year. The movie debuts just before Thanksgiving.

Hunger Games fans came out in full force. It’s pretty amazing that she had more fans there than say Bradley Cooper, one time People’s Sexiest Man, and Robert DeNiro, one of the legendary all time great actors. But then again, Titanic made over $1 billion dollars.

Here’s what a giant crowd waiting for her to show up looks like: 

Here she is signing someone’s Hunger Games book: 

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence signing

Quick wave to the crowd


You can see that she’s very friendly and having a great time, which is always best for the stars and the fans. We got to talk very briefly. She did let me know that Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire was starting shooting in Atlanta as soon as she finished her Toronto trip. Yeah, this story is a couple weeks old. I actually know where they shoot as well."

Thanks a lot for that story

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