Tony has met Darren Criss and Kristen Wiig

Today, Tony tells us how he met Darren Criss, the Glee actor.

"Hello everyone,

I saw Darren Criss at the premiere of Imogene (9/7/2012) during the Toronto Film Festival. Imogene doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be Darren’s big screen debut. He was very animated and friendly to the press and the Glee fans of which there were plenty.

I confess that I don’t watch Glee at all, nor am I a Criss fan, nor could I even tell you what his character’s name on the show or even anything about him, so unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to ask him. But he was very gracious to sign autographs for everyone or to pose with people. I even got one for my sister.

Darren Criss

You can see how excited people are to see him.

Darren Criss

As a funny side story, Kristen Wiig stars in the movie.

Kristen Wiig

I tried to make small talk with her as we graduated high school together: How are you? Going to miss you on SNL. Good luck. Missed you at the reunion. She half jokingly, half mortifyingly said, Oh my god, I can't believe you just outted my age to these people. She's sharp.

You can see all of my pictures from the film festival here:

Thanks a lot for that Story. For all the pictures Tony took during the festival, you can visit his flickr, photostream or follow him on Twitter

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