Catty has met One Direction

Today on the blog, Catty tells us about her encounter with One Direction.


I met One Direction on the 10th March 2011 at The Raddisson Hotel in Liverpool, UK. 

Me and my two friends found out that they would be staying at that hotel during there X-factor UK tour so we got the train really early to the Liverpool which is about 25 minutes away and we went straight to the hotel. 

We knew it was the right hotel as there was other fans waiting outside. So we sat down waiting and waiting and while we were waiting other x-factor contestants came outside to see us as we did want to meet them also, such as Cher Lloyd, Paije Richardson, Wager, Matt Cardle etc. and we all got photo's with them and they were really nice. 

Then we all stuck around because we were waiting for One Direction to come outside, they kept coming down to the lobby and saying they will come outside through the glass but their security kept telling them not to come out until later on! 

But we still waited for them to come out later on, so as later on came they finally came out but at this point there was so many more fans as school had finished so they weren't allowed to get pictures with anyone apart from Liam, 

Liam Payne and me

Liam got pictures with fans but the others just spoke to people. I kept shouting Liam to come over to me and my friends so he did, and I got 2 photo's with him and I asked him to sign my Converse and his security said no but he just bent down and signed my shoe anyway and smiled at me so I thanked him and asked for a hug and kiss on the cheek and he said of course, which was amazing!

He dropped his pen and I picked it up to give it him and he told me to just keep it, so I just grinned at him.

Then Harry came over with Niall and I asked for a picture but they said they weren't allowed photo's so I just had a general little talk with them and then they had to get on the bus and Louis and Zayn walked past and said hello whilst making their way on the bus and I just said hello back smiling at them and that is pretty much my story about meeting One Direction.

They was so nice to meet, I wish I could have got photo's with them all but sadly too many people turned up last minute but it was still a great day."

Thanks a lot for that story Catty

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