Christy has met the "Vampire Diaries Cast"

Today on the blog, Christy tells us about her encounter with the Vampire Diaries cast


March 2011. I drove up to Atlanta with my family to the friends to a TVD convention. 

My photos that have a professional background were paid for and taken by the con's photographer. 

Nina Dobrev and me

Paul Wesley ad me

Ian Somerhalder and me

During that weekend, we ran into Matt Davis at the hotel's bar. He was so awesome. Trevino was there as well but he was busy ordering his drink so we didnt bother him. 

Matt Davis and me

At a mini-concert in one of the banquet halls, we got all the way to front row center. Off stage we could see Steven McQueen. My friend was so nervous and wouldnt even look at him. So I got his attention and told him how much my friend loves him. He smiled and said he'd come to us after the show. My friend was freaking out. After the show, he came right over to us. He took a photo with my friend, then me, then my other friend who came along. 

Steven McQueen and us

Well that caused a commotion & people started attacking to get a photo with him. Also there was Candice Accola. On her way out, she was taking photos with fans and that's how my friends and I met her. She was so kind. 

Candice Accola and me

After we met her, Steven was on his way out and  we got on video him giving my friend and  I a kiss on the cheek. It was perfect. 

The second trip to Atlanta was for another convention October 2011. This time is was just my friends and I. We had so much fun. We had multiple run-ins with Steven McQueen during the weekend (as you can see by the photos). 

Steven R.McQueen

He also remembered us from the convention in March (we were the Miami girls). Here's a wrap-up video from that weekend"

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