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Today on the blog, Ashley tells us how she met Lady Gaga


I have been a Lady GaGa fan since the beginning, and after several attempts at trying to get tickets to a few of her shows on The Fame Ball Tour, I began to think that I was cursed and that I was never going to see her. When "Bad Romance" hit the radio and "The Fame Monster" album came out, she literally exploded onto the scene, and her star has obviously only continued to rise from there. When my friends and I heard about The Monster Ball Tour tickets going on sale back in late 2009, we crossed our fingers and hoped that we weren't going to be thwarted again!

My friends and I decided that we we would rather travel about 8 hours out of our hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, to Orlando, Florida, to catch GaGa on The Monster Ball tour, as her show in Atlanta was going to be seated, and the show in Orlando was general admission - thus giving us a better chance at scoring a better and closer spot. The day that tickets went on sale, we lucked out, actually got our tickets, and were happy as clams. We were SERIOUSLY gagging with excitement! We were like kids counting down the hours and the days until the show!

Unfortunately, the GaGa curse struck again - on Christmas day, just a few days before we were due to leave for our big GaGa trip in Orlando - I got a text from one of my friends who was to be joining me at the show. Because GaGa had had such success with "Bad Romance" and "The Fame Monster", the venue, House of Blues Orlando, was no longer able to host her. The venue made the decision to surrender the show over to a neighboring arena in Orlando. All tickets were to be refunded - no tickets were going to be honored. By the time we got this news, the show had already been resold and was SOLD OUT. All of the neighboring cities to us, which were still housing GaGa's show in smaller venues, were also, of course, sold out. NOOOO!!

Ticketless, we decided that since we already had a chunk of time off from work, we would go to the closest city to us that GaGa was playing at - Atlanta, GA - and we would see if we could by chance A) find a scalper to sell us any sort of tickets to the show, and B) camp out by the stage door and try to meet the Lady herself. So that is just what we did!

We got to Atlanta and stationed ourselves at The Fox Theatre around 8 AM - we had no idea what time GaGa would arrive for soundcheck. The weather was absolutely ABYSMAL. We were freezing to death! We sat at various points around the theatre up and down the block for the better part of almost 12 hours, waiting for GaGa to show - we figured that she would naturally enter at the spot marked "stage door", but since it was just literally out on the busy streets of Atlanta, we could not be sure. During this time, her dancers and backup singers showed up and commended us for our dedication. Temperatures were around 30 degrees, but we stuck it out. Around 7 PM, the security at the Fox started to get a little tighter, and the small crowd that, like us, had gathered in hopes of meeting GaGa, was placed behind a barricade right at the stage door. That gave me hopes that something was actually going to happen, and that we hadn't been waiting in vain all day!

GaGa pulled up in a pretty standard "celebrity" car - SUV, dark windows - the lights were on in the front seats, and I could see GaGa in the back of the car, and was immediately struck by how gorgeous she is in person - she looked like a doll! Her bodyguard and security exited the vehicle and came right over to the little group of us waiting behind the barricade, and told us that if we behaved, she would be happy to sign autographs for us. They told us to make it quick, however, since she had to get to soundcheck and since the weather was seriously below freezing. We all promised that we would be on our best behavior, and the next thing I knew, GaGa was getting out of the car and was heading over to us!

She was dressed to kill, obviously - I mean, hello, she is Lady GaGa! She was wearing a pair of boots that I would probably kill to own, and some seriously amazing Chanel sunglasses. She had a little puppy with her, a Jack Russell or something similar, that she lead over to us on a leash. She started at the head of the line (my friends and I were in the middle) and started signing autographs. We were all pretty much deathly quiet, making sure to show that we were behaving. When she got to my friend, Ciera, the dog got loose somehow, and GaGa started to panic and turned away from us. I remember her shrieking "Get him!" or something of a similar effect. After her dog was secured and GaGa made sure of it, she returned to Ciera, and continued greeting everyone.

When GaGa got to me, she said hello and I greeted her in response. I was surprised at how soft-spoken she was! I handed her my CD cover and she asked, "What's your name?" and I told her. She began signing my autograph, and I told her that we had been waiting all day for her and that we loved her and that we were so glad to get to meet her, and she smiled and thanked me and handed the autograph back.

                                                               Lady Gaga

I asked her if I could take a photo with her, and she nodded and immediately leaned in to pose for the photo. I thanked her again, and she moved down the line to my other friend, who got an autograph and a picture as well. She moved on inside to soundcheck and the meet and greet that fans had paid for quickly afterwards, and it was all over. Unfortunately, we didn't get tickets to the show, but even though we didn't get to go to the show, we got something even better - to meet LADY GAGA!! It was an amazing experience.

Lady Gaga and me

I have been fortunately able to meet a bunch of celebrities in my adventures through the years, but meeting GaGa remains the most awesome one yet, literally and emotionally. And, I'm happy to report, the GaGa show curse was finally broken - I have seen her twice now (and at both shows, she talked to me from the stage during the show!), and have tickets to see her twice more next March! I hope I can be lucky enough to one day meet her again."

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