Danielle has met Zac Efron

Today, Danielle tells us how she met Zac Efron.


I met Zac Efron by chance at the hotel he was staying at whilst promoting Charlie St Cloud in Sydney Australia.He had just returned from a gym workout and walked up to the lift while a friend and I were waiting there.

Zac Efron and me

Zac was really nice and happy to chat with us while we waited for the lift to arrive.
I had recently been in LA and had seen the movie and chatted briefly to him about how great it was. We actually let one lift go because we were talking about his love of the movie and how much he liked Australia.

Zac was happy to pose for a picture while we waited and was one of the nicest people I have met."

Thanks a lot Danielle. To see Danielle's encounters with other celebrities, you can visit her Flickr

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  1. Hi! My name is Catherine Hough. I work for E! Entertainment. We are producing a new show airing this fall that highlights fan and celebrity interactions. We would love to use your photo and story. If you are interested please email me at Catherine.Hough@nbcuni.com, Thank you!