Odelia has met Darren Criss

Today, Odelia tells us how she met Darren Criss, the Glee actor.


It was two years ago, the summer of 2010. I had only been exposed to the wonderful awesomeness of the Starkid theatre company the previous summer, but naturally I had fallen in love with it in mere seconds. In early July, my sister told me that Darren Criss was having a concert at a small venue in Brooklyn. 

I knew the name, the face, the voice--but that was it. We had never heard any of his original music, so we spent an afternoon listen to his four songs on Soundcloud, trying to get a feel for his material. July 10th rolled around, and my sister was suddenly apprehensive about going to this concert; I was only 12 and she was just 14, and she was worried we would be too young to go by ourselves. 

She was so close to backing out that she didn't even bring her DSLR camera along, leaving my pixelated point-and-shoot the task of documenting this momentous event. We arrived nearly half an hour late, missing part of the opening act (Charlene Kaye, a singer who I ended up adoring and seeing several times in concert over the next two years), but getting there with plenty of time to hear Darren sing his personal songs, Starkid songs, and Disney songs. 

He messed up lyrics, switched songs halfway through one song, told jokes, told stories...he was just all around adorable. After the show ended, he said he would be signing autographs and taking pictures near the front. My sister and I immediately tried to push our way through the crowd to get to him (the "crowd" was considerably small due to the fact that Darren was not famous beyond the Internet yet), and waited for a quarter of an hour to meet this beautiful man. 

I took my sister's picture with him (a photo in which he made a silly face while she did not), and then she took my picture with him (in which he rested his head on my head and I didn't even mind how sweaty he was at all). 

He signed two autographs in my notebook: one in really big letters because it was a large page, and then one in very tiny letters as a joke. It was extremely cute. My sister and I said that he was totally awesome--an A Very Potter Musical reference--but I think he missed the joke. From that point on, I have been utterly obsessed with Darren Criss. Gotta love that kid."

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