Christy has met Taylor Swift

Today on the blog, Christy tells us about her encounter Taylor Swift.


I was in Nashville for the CMA Fest 2010. Before leaving Miami for Nashville, the whole 13 Hour M&G information came out. I had planned to meet her.

The day before the M&G, i was at a waterpark with my family & later that evening around 5pm, I headed to the Bridgestone Arena where it will take place. I was the 20th person in line (the line of people staying overnight to be first inside the next morning).

Multiple times throughout the night, Taylor's crew would walk around outside and see the crowd. I had a sign that was something like the "x-amount of miles driven, x-amount of money spent, meeting taylor: priceless". Her crew would constantly come look at my sign and loved it.

They never asked for my name or anything, but at one point some other crew guy came outside and asked if my name is Christine (so creepy) and said that the moment doors open, I should look for him and he'd give me a pass to meet her.

Later that night, word got around that Taylor will for sure be meeting the first 180 in line which I was obviously a part of so either way I was safe. At 5am, my mom woke me up to get ready to go inside.

At 7/7:30am doors opened and it was true that the first 180 got to meet her. I got my pass from the crew guy who said he'd give it to me anyway. So we went to the section where we were told to wait to meet her. I went to the restroom to change and be presentable.

When I came back, I got my guitar and my mom and the crew told us to follow them to the ground floor to meet Taylor. I was one of the first 20 to meet her that day. She came out and introduced herself to the ginormous crowd of on-lookers. She started meeting fans when it was my turn. And well, here is the video of meeting Taylor. The whole event was live-streamed so I was able to rip it later on.

Taylor Swift and me

Taylor is my favorite. When she talks to you, you feel like youre talking to your best friend & theres not a million girls yelling to get her attention. She has all eyes on you & listens to every word you say. She was perfect"

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