Sarah has met Emilie de Ravin

Today on the blog, Sarah tells us about her encounter with Emilie de Ravin

"Hi there! 

I was extremely excited to meet Emilie de Ravin a few weeks ago because she is one of my all time favourite actresses. I first saw her on my favourite show LOST and then in the film 'Remember Me' with Robert Pattinson, and was thrilled when she was cast on one of my new favourite shows 'Once Upon A Time'. 

I met Emilie at the set in Steveston, BC on October 25. It was just me and a few other fans that I knew from visiting the sets previously which was nice because we got more time to chat, opposed to when there's tons of fans there and you have to get a quick photo and then move out of the way so other people can get a chance before the actor gets called back to work. 

Emilie was really sweet, she came over and said 'Hi' and the very nice security guard took a photo of us. I then got her to sign my autograph book and she thought it was cool since it's like a miniature prop replica of a book from the show. 

Emilie de Ravin and me

She joked around asking where I got it and saying she wanted one. I told her how much I enjoyed her on LOST and how glad I was that she was on this show now too and she talked a bit about how much fun she was having working on Once with the cast and creators. 

She then proceeded to take photos with the other 3 fans there and we chatted a bit about her character on the show and the precious episode we had just watched. I'm grateful for how generous she was and hope to see her again soon!! We also talked to some other cast that day that i've met previously including Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla and others who i'm not allowed to say because the crew doesn't want to spoil the surprise!;) -Sarah"

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