JacBabylly has met Justin Bieber

Today Jacbabylly tells us how she met Justin Bieber


It's not amazingly exciting or anything.. But i heard he was gonna be a local radio station where I lived... So I got the train and waited outside the studio for him and he came out and took pictures with EVERYONE. 

As I waited for him to get to me he came closer and I was soo excited I couldn't breathe LOL.. he saw me smiled and winked.. he saw I had my ipod around my wrist (it had some Ipod holder thing attached with a loop) he took the ipod and signed it :L I then asked for a picture.. 

Justin Bieber and me

He said 'sure' we took the pic and he hugged me again and went to the next girl haha :) that's all x"

Thanks a lot for that story.For all the pictures, see this video or visit Jacbabylly tumblr or Twitter

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