Ashton has met Justin Bieber

Today, Ashton tells us how she met Justin Biber last month.


Hi my name is Ashton Heath and I was one of the lucky girls who got to meet Justin Bieber on October 19th in Minneapolis. I had been planning this for months and months, actually ever since is Mistletoe Album came out; so about a year ago.

The excitement started when my friend, Joe, and I got tickets to his concert back in May when it was the 1st day of the pre-sale tickets. He and I started planning what we were going to do and how we were going to meet him because I was SO determined to meet him. The closer and closer October 19th came around the more and more excited I got. I knew he had a concert in Canada Thursday night, figuring out they'd leave after that concert and come to Minneapolis, giving them a day off on Friday in Minneapolis. I actually left school to come home Thursday night and stayed up until 4 am making posters and planning every small detail out. Joe, his girlfriend, Kate and I were planning on getting to the cities around 10 am and start from there.

So the morning came early and the excitement was over taking me. We got to the cities and parked, seeing many tour buses in sight my heart was racing. We knew our best bet was Twitter, so we found the Starbucks across from the Target Center and waited there. I brought my laptop so I got on Twitter and pull up everyones twitter that was on the team or apart of the tour; Justin's, Dan's, Kenny's, Alfredo's, Scooters, Ryan's, even Carly's hoping one of them would Tweet something. Finally at about 11 am Scooter tweeted "new day.. new adventure." I immediately tweeted him back asking for any kind of clue as to where they were, I think about there was about 25 tweets to him. Then for some reason I thought to tweet Alredo, because he seems to tweet the fans back a lot. So I asked him the same thing, and finally after 30 tweets Alfredo tweeted back "GYM!" and then deleted it, so only a select few could see it, I being one of them. Joe, Kate and I packed up and headed to Lifetime that was in the Target Center. However; on the way we saw a couple tour buses at the back of the Target Center so we stopped and waited a bit to see if Justin was in one.

Two girls had spotted us and walked up to us asking if we were looking for Justin and of course, we were. So they joined in with us as well as this other girl who was walking by herself. All seven of us headed to Lifetime but since its a gym and none of us had a membership how were we supposed to get in? So Joe went in and asked if Justin was there and they said no if anything he's at the private one, but they wouldn't tell us where the private one was. We tried Googling 'the private Lifetime in Minneapolis,' but nothing showed up so we asked around and finally someone was like, "oh its connected to the Grand Hotel off of 2nd ave and 6th street." We looked it up on GPS and started walking to it, finally turning the corner we saw a tour bus right out side of the hotel and booked it. Some guy waiting for the city bus was like, "you just missed him, he walked in literally five minutes ago."

Kinda bummed, but also excited still knowing we had found his hotel! It was about 12:30 pm and we decided to wait around. The group broke up to make it look less suspicious to other girls because we didn't want a huge crowd, so Kelsey, one of the girls and I waited in at a bus stop and all of a sudden saw his grandparents just walking down the street, we ran up to them and said hi and they casually walked passed us saying hi back. Then the hotel security guy put up and rope to stand behind and right then and there we knew all we had to do was wait. But we didn't know how long it was actually going to be. It had already snowed for 3 hours that morning and was about 40 degrees outside, but I was determined and I was going to meet him. So as time goes on Dan Kanter walks in but stops to take pictures and talk to us for a good 15 minutes, he was such a nice, chill, friendly guy!

Then Scrappy, his stage manager, stopped by and did the same, as did Kenny, one of his body guards. We saw Alfredo walk in but only at the last second. At about 6 pm the group of girls saw Justin Alfredo and Ryan walking down the street towards the hotel and they ran towards him but he ran into the garage entrance and had said, "I love you guys, I'll be back later." 

Kelsey and I managed to sneak into the hotel, so when we heard that we were a little sad we had missed him and decide to wait outside with the rest of the girls. Finally at about 8:30 pm Justin drove by the front of the hotel hanging out the window giving us the peace sign and drove off. The girls and I chased the car but couldn't keep up and figured he had gone out to dinner and would be back like promised. So we waited, and waited, and waited. The group grew larger and larger making me doubt he'd actually stop and take pictures with us, but I stayed. All of a sudden a couple minutes before mid night Justin's car pulls up and stops. He got out of the car with Alfredo and a body guard and we all ran towards him. The body guard put out his hands and said, "Stop! If you run to him he's just going to get back into the car and leave. Let him come to you." 

At this time my heart was racing and I was shaking, seeing Justin in the flesh.... Never thought that would happen so close to me. Justin then came up to me and Kelsey and was like, "I'm going to start on this side," as he singled for me to come and take a picture with him. I couldn't believe it. 

Justin Bieber and me

I got my picture with him, hugged him, said thank you.. as his response was, "your welcome sweetie," and I walked away. 

My friend realized her camera had died and asked if she could use my camera, and of course she could. So I stood by her and she waited for her turn, she handed Alfredo the camera and Justin saw I was to the side, he held out his arm grabbing my shoulder to pull me in as he said, "you might as well join in on the picture," and smiled at me. So I had gotten a second picture with him. After he spent a couple minutes outside with the fans, taking as many pictures as he could, he politely told us he had to go and hoped that we would enjoy the show tomorrow. 

As he got back into the car we saw Selena in the back seat so we screamed to her as well. They finally drove into the garage and went about their night. Surprisingly I didn't cry, the girls I were with cried and screamed and as I watched them I just smiled, knowing that I accomplished the one thing in life I wanted to do. Of course I 'fangirled' and screamed, but I didn't cry. 

My dream came true, I met Justin Bieber, after 3 years of wanting to meet him it finally came true. It was worth every second of that day. I stood out in the snow and rain in 40 degree weather for 12 hours. Didn't eat or drink anything all day. 

But it was SOOO worth it! And if there was one thing I learned from this experience it's that if you really want something and you set your mind to it, it's possible! The next day I had so many people message me telling me how inspirational my story was to them, and it makes me happy knowing that I can help show people that anything is possible. If your reading this and feel discouraged because you don't think its possible or will happen, I promise you that if you don't give up and you dedicate your time to doing this, it is possible. 

Honestly, never say never, because I never thought this day would come for me, and it did. And it was everything I could ever imagine it being and more. He is an incredible human being, with so much love and compassion towards his fans. If he has the opportunity to meet fans, he will take time out of his day or night to do so. Have faith in him, he won't let you down"

Thanks a lot for that story. For more you can see  Ashton's Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr 

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