Eilidh has met Zac Efron

So I went on vacation to I THINK Santa Barbra... or somewhere in California with my family. We stayed one or two nights in this really nice hotel, and one day they were setting up for a wedding. My room overlooked the wedding, so my mother and I were people watching from our room cause we were bored, and I was taking pictures of the skyline and stuff outside. When all of a sudden there was this guy walking from the buffet to go and talk to people.. and something about his walk made him stand out from everyone else... so I called my mom over ( i couldn't see his face at this point) and she looked and we both came to the conclusion that it was somebody famous. We just couldn't tell who. So I sit there for a few more minutes staring at this man.. until i realize that its freaking Zac Efron. I like screamed and panicked and begged my mom to let me go downstairs, but my dad wouldn't let me disrupt the wedding. So me, in a bad mood, goes with my family down this boardwalk to eat.. and i sit and search things on twitter to see if he's been spotted anywhere near us, and he was so I was 100% sure it was him.. but I was mad because by the time we'd get back to the hotel he'd be gone. So we walk back to the hotel and my mom wants a drink... so we make our way over to the bar talking about Zac and how amazing it would have been to meet him.. as as we're talking about him.. we walk RIGHT past the reception desk where he was standing, talking to an employee. My like whole body froze and I panicked... and I told my mom that we had passed him and she made me go over to him and talk to him because I was so scared. I asked him if I could get a picture with him ( seriously shaking at this point ) and he was like "sure! :) " and told me to wait a minute or two cause the employee was helping him out with something. He was really sweet and polite about it. And we talked while the employee was sorting stuff out on the computer,,, like about the wedding. He said he was the brides best friend so he was a best man in the wedding, and I asked if he'd been bombarded with people asking for pictures and stuff and he said he hadn't and that it was really peaceful and only one or two people had recognized him. He also had this guy come up and interrupted us and ask if Zac was Zac Efron and he was like "No I'm Jesse Mcartney" and the guy took him seriously and apologized for mistaking him for someone else... it was the funniest thing. I don't remember what else we talked about but we spent a good 10 minutes talking. Then the employee took a picture of us, and he asked my name, shook my hand, then hugged me.

Zac Efron and me

He was seriously the SWEETEST man. And incredibly funny and witty. I just stood there like in awe of his gorgeous-ness! haha,, He looks exactly how he does on a tv screen. He's. so. perfect. And you get this aura of perfectness being around him. It's so unreal. It feels like you're dreaming. He's also really flirty and has this really flirty smile, too. It was just so amazing, and such an experience to meet such an awesome, sweet, caring and charismatic man. And to know what he's really like in real life ( exactly the same as his characters in every movie he's in ). It was just perfect and i'll never forget it :)

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